Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring News

Hey everyone-- just saying hi. Khyle had a weigh-in about 2 weeks ago, he's 28lbs now and is 33 inches tall! A very big boy & don't I know it trying to lift him up & down the stairs daily! We also visited with the neurosurgeon Dr. Keating at Children's last week for a check-up. Not too bad. There is some bulging on Khyle's right temple that Quincy & I have been worried about. Keating was not so worried but ordered us to get a CT scan anyway. He thinks it could be tissue growing over the plates or just a bruise. We'll let you know the outcome of the CT.

Therapy is still going well. We slowed down a little because everyone in the house was sick with colds, coughs etc. but now we're back on track.

We are wishing it would warm up. This is no kinda Spring I'm used to, 48 degrees today. I think that says it all. But we are missing the outdoors, even Khylie boy would enjoy some sun I think.

As always keep us in your prayers. Thanks all, love the Parkers with an extra special kiss from the Warrior.

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